Hopland Tribe Disenroll 74 Direct Descendants

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In this episode, Hopland Tribe disenrolls my family of 74. For what reasons? In the audio, there is a lot of fuzz and inaudible sounds. But what we can make clear of, is a few of the reasons explained by Chairwoman Iyesha Miller:

  • Some 1942 BIA Revolving Loan that my grandparents took out to improve the land assignments. Iyesha said that my grandparents never repaid the loan, however, we FOIA requested proof of payments.
  • Our ancestors named Wilbell did not change their last names to use the Billy moniker, therefore, we need to be disenrolled.
  • On ONLY our applications for enrollment, some of our family members did not write in “Hopland Pomo’s” as our race when applying for membership to Hopland Band of Pomo Indians. Hm.

So. That’s their official reason for why on us 74 needed to be disenrolled from Hopland. Nevermind that my grandmother Marion Rose Edwards Wilder was listed on the distribution plan. Nevermind that we have several articles of historic proof our family descended from Hopland for however long the white government officials say we needed to descend from Hopland. We were listed on the “Apple Tree Census” Sabel census in 1900 on page 20. Left Hand Bill (William Wilbell) and his wife Laura are listed with all of their children, including Manuela (Mow-sha). Because of the nickname Left Hand Bill, the Billy moniker derived.


The whole fat Billy family still enrolled in Hopland are a bunch of hypocrites for allowing this to happen. Many of them conspired against their own family members. In this audio, you can hear Delmar Billy praying his evil over the tribe. He spent the better half of the general council meeting in the February of 2016 mocking the disenrolled family that were barred from entering, even though legally, we all were still members. He laughed and teased my sister with the neener neeners and his head shakes making fun of the disenrolled. His own blood family members. Grown ass man resorting to schoolyard teasing. This “Native leader” is the Native youth leader in Santa Rosa, CA.


Diana Billy Elliott was the election committee chairwoman during our disenrollment. She allowed more than one ballot box to be placed around the gymnasium unattended for members to easily vote multiple times. A pair of eye witnesses wrote down the names of those who voted at both ballot boxes. They counted a number of dual votes. This can be confirmed by the number in attendance to the numbers voted. In the audio, they do a role call and meet the quorum minimum. Once the quorum is met, the meeting continues.


Members told us that they were not given access to any of the proof we sent in via certified mail to the secretary of the tribe, Renee Jimenez, who took the place of my aunt Sandy Sigala.


One thing I must put emphasis to is this: All these years, these rat bastards claimed my family embezzled a cajillion dollars from the tribe. We have battled on social media with some of these prunes and some say the reason they voted to disenroll was because of their belief that my family embezzled a lot of money from the tribe.

Proof that my family did NOT embezzle from the tribe:

  1. Wanda Balderama spent millions of the tribe’s money on a forensic investigation and came up empty from the CA special agent.
  2. When it was the perfect controlled environment of disenrollment, NOT ONE SINGLE OFFICIAL mentioned embezzlement, except to attempt to disgrace my dead relatives. They did not make the claim of embezzlement, nor do they have any proof of it.

If you can bare through it, the audio is in full.



Written by Michelle

This here is a therapeutic electronic diary.

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