My name is Michelle and I am a Leo 

I’m an 80’s baby all the way!

Except, I have always felt that I was born in the wrong era. While all the girls were rocking their sideways ponytails, I was rocking a spectacular mullet inspired by the late 60’s. Before the mullet, I was primping in curlers that my grandmother would yank my hair hard and steady, as each section of hair needed to be rolled perfectly.

I still dig the vintage era. In terms of fashion, that is. The early days weren’t too kind to my people. I am literally a Native to Northern California. Pomo tribe. I love my heritage and carry a lot of my teachings of the old ways into my daily modern life. You will definitely read more about this part of my life.

I was born and raised in Northern California. Mainly in Santa Rosa, just north of San Francisco. I thought I would never leave California, but I did. I have a few acres in the middle of Missouri now. Actual acres. For an urban girl, that is a lot of space. I am seriously in pursuit of learning how to either grow a simple garden or devise a massive plan to homestead with vermiculture and all. Everything in my astrology says that I would be great at turning my thumbs green. I have yet to keep a dandelion alive.
If there’s a will… there’s gotta be a way. 

I am also an ordained minister. Yep. That is correct. I got ordained online so I can legally touch people and I didn’t have the patience to become a licensed massage therapist. Really, I had an opportunity to become attuned to Reiki. I am now at Reiki Level III. I have one class left with my Reiki Master that attunes me to the Master Teacher level. I have opened myself to conduct universal healing energy to myself and to others. And I love it! But being ordained, it allows me to expand my spirituality and be able to marry folks also! Neato!